About Us

We invite you to come and experience the taste of authentic North Carolina style BBQ.

We are an on-site BBQ caterer that will customize your meal based on your individual needs.



     Hill City BBQ is based in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Lynchburg, VA.  Hill City BBQ is owned by Jason Ingram and operates with the help of his family. We also depend on Derek Crabtree for his attention to detail and hard work!


 Jason and Derrick catering a BBQ at the Keswick Resort, Charlottesville.

       While growing up in North Carolina and Tennessee we were introduced to BBQ at an early age. To us BBQ is pulled or chopped pork served on a plate or bun with slaw on or off the bun.  A NC vinegar based finishing sauce has always been the favorite however, we are equipped with other choices just the same. 

     We got started from just simply hosting parties. We have always loved to grill, have friends over, and socialize. Since we always have been a fan of BBQ and pig pickings, we occasionally started to host our own parties. Our friends always commented on how we should go into business and since that means we can get paid for engaging in these fun activities we couldn't find a reason why not.

     Since Hill City BBQ is a part time venue it allows us to pay particular attention to the type of event you prefer. By doing so we can promise you will not receive a  cookie cutter performance. Our menus, as well as our services, can be customized to meet your needs.  Our service is not drop off service like many others. We are there with our smokers on-site for your guests. On average we are on-site 10 hours before dinner.  Our attention to detail,     presentation, and most of all taste will leave you with many memories and joy from your special occasion.

     We are the only BBQ caterer in the area that specializes in Pig Pickings and has the experience and expertise for a true Southern style wedding. And yes that means if you want your meal for lunch at 12:00 noon we are there the night before cooking all night long for the next day's event.  For a southern style pig picking we smoke the Hog on site, chop it right before dinner, and then garnish the pork with trimmings. It truly is a unique experience!