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Jason and Hill City BBQ were featured and reviewed in a recently published

book regarding NC BBQ by BBQ critic Kent Craig.  Check it out!



I've known Jason Ingram of Hill City BBQ located in the beautiful valley country of Lynchburg,VA, for some years now, have devoured this perfect barbecue on many occasions, and every single time have been left wanting for more, more, more!, smile! 

Jason/Hill City BBQ is a perfect representation of what happens when true passion for authentic hardwood/coals/cooked bbq meets real culinary skill and is multiplied by a sincere desire to always please his customer and give them the end result of his labor, true "four-pig out of four rated", the very best of the best.

Call him for all your bbq catering needs, you won't be disappointed, promise! 


 Kent Craig, of the NC Barbecue Society, gave Hill City BBQ a four pig star rating (4 out of 4) for the best of NC style bbq.  Some of the others included in this category were Wilbur's BBQ of Goldsboro and the infamous Lexington BBQ in Lexington.


Jason was also featured in The Professional Caterer's Handbook: How to Open and Operate a Financially Successful Catering Business

Check it out!



Also Jason and Hill City BBQ were featured in the April newsletter edition of the North Carolina Barbecue Society!